Parsa people exercising voting rights


BIRGUNJ — The people in Parsa district are exercising their voting rights in the local level election today.

There are 14 local levels in the district- a metropolis, three metropolis and 10 rural municipalities.

An 87-year old Aslam Ansari casted his vote from the polling centre located at a local Land Revenue Office of Birgunj metropolis-3. He expressed happiness over the opportunity to exercise his voting rights after a long time.

Similarly, one of the contenders for the mayoral post in Birgunj metropolis, Rajesh Man Singh, also casted his vote from the same centre.

There are 280,212 voters in the district. The number of the voters is increasing in the poll centre. Similarly, there are 167 poll stations and 355 poll centres in the district.

The security officials have said the security arrangement was made smooth.