PM Dahal resigns, Deuba set to become the next prime minister


KATHMANDU – Prime Minister (PM) Pushpa Kamal Dahal has resigned Wednesday afternoon after serving for 10 months.

He announced his resignation while addressing the nation from his office at Singh Durbar. He counted his achievements including holding the local election after almost 20 years, the higher end of load-shedding, higher economic growth rate, signing of One Belt One Road initiative with China and others and pointed at the challenges he faced when he assumed office in his address.

He also took swipe at the main opposition CPN-UML for publicly claiming OBOR will not be signed and Kathmandu-Tarai Fast Track not constructed with ‘wrong intention’ of questioning his nationalism, and reminded how OBOR has been signed and assured of the foundation stone for fast Track will be laid in a few days.

He also claimed he normalized relationships with southern neighbor India which he asserted was directed by emotions rather than reasons by his predecessor.

Dahal had planned to resign Tuesday addressing the nation through the parliament but could not due to House obstruction by the main opposition CPN-UML.

UML had obstructed the House Tuesday protesting the addition of local units in a few districts in tarai after the election code of conduct came into force. The House meeting could not be held even on Wednesday after UML insisted on continuing obstruction.

He was elected PM on July 26, 2016, following an agreement with Nepali Congress (NC). He was to resign by the start of Nepali New Year (mid-April) paving way for NC President Sher Bahadur Deuba, as per the agreement. The leaders latter agreed to allow Dahal to conduct local elections before handing over the reins to Deuba.

The Dahal Cabinet, rendered caretaker after Dahal’s resignation, will bring the budget for the fiscal year 2074/75.