President receives blessings from living Goddess Kumari


KATHMANDU — President Bidhya Devi Bhandari on Sunday – the final day of the Indra Jatra festival – received blessings  from the living  Goddess Kumari.

The President arrived  at  the  Kumari  Ghar  at Basantapur where Kumari offered  her  flowers,  Prasad (a food substance offered to Hindu deity and then consumed) and Tika (a  paste  of  vermillion powder on forehead). It has been a  tradition dating back  to the  ancient Malla  era  that the head of state visits the Kumari Ghar on  the final day of Indra  Jatra to  receive blessings from the living Goddess.

The Indra Jatra, which commenced on September 5 concluded on Sunday, after  the  Lingo – a  wooden  ceremonial  pole – was  toppled during the auspicious time at 10:45 pm accompanied with a worship ritual.

The   wooden  pole  brought  from  Chittapole  jungle  in  Bhaktapur  was erected  to  mark  the begging  of the Kathmandu’s biggest festival by the local residents, Nepal Army and the Armed Police Force personnel.

The members of the NA’s  Gurju  Paltan  fired cannons  amidst  a musical ceremony to mark the end of Indra Jatra. The Gurju  Paltan performs  the same  ceremony  to mark  the begging  of  the  festival  after erecting the pole.

The  week – long  festival  features  chariot  procession  of  Hindu  God Ganesh, Kumari and Bhairav, and the famed Lakhe dance. RSS