Province 7 members take oath of office and secrecy


DHANGADHI — State Assembly members of Province no 7 took oath of office and secrecy Sunday.

Among 53 SA members, 32 are from the first-past-the-post and 21 from proportional representation system present on the oath-taking ceremony. SA member from Doti Bharat Bahadur Khadka was absent on the occasion.

Province No 7 chief Mohan Raj Malla administered the oath of office and secretary to 74-year-old senior most member Dibyashwori Shah and remaining others were sworn-in by Shah. The swearing-in ceremony was held in the Dhangadhi-based District Coordination Committee Office’s assembly hall. Some members were clad in their traditional attires. The ceremony began late than the scheduled time as province chief Malla’s flight from Kathmandu was delayed.

He assumed office before the swearing-in ceremony.

Following the oath-taking ceremony, the SA members pledged to work for development and prosperity of the Province 7.

Umadevi Badi, the sole woman candidate from the Badi community in the Province 7, her election to the post would obviously make her struggle for the rights of her community and women a bit easier.

Among 53 members, 25 are from the CPN (UML), 14 from the CPN (Maoist Center), 12 from the Nepali Congress and two from the Rastriya Janata Party.

Newly elected members to the federal parliament from the districts in Province 7, former lawmakers, representatives from various social organisations were present on the occasion. RSS