Biplab Bastola 

I could complete ‘From Sex to Superconsciousness’ in my second attempt. The ideas were profound and I could not digest it easily when I tried to read it for the first time. It took me around two months to go through the lines as they were really thought-provoking. While reading this book, I felt that we judge the world around us on the basis of others’ perception without experiencing from our own way.

In this book, Osho talks about how our society has been proceeding to the wrong direction. And, he has point. Our world is getting equipped with things that make everything FAST AND EASY but somewhere we are depressed and lonely. To quote him, “We live in a very sexual world, yet we tend to know more about its mechanics than about its depth.”

Some of the lines were really enlightening for me. Like, “Two individuals are finite beings, and hence their union cannot be infinite, cannot be forever. And this is the pain, this is the misery of all matrimony, of all love, that we cannot unite with the person forever. We unite together for a moment, but again we fall back to a distance, the gap enters. The distance creates pain, it hurts, and so lovers are in a continuous state of despair over it. Slowly, slowly it beings to appear as if the other person is creating this distance. Hence the anger, irritation over the other beings to arise.”

Osho has talked about sex from its atomic level, how it is about longing about connecting to other people and how our religion, as well as society, has repressed it which looks like a deviant act. Due to all these things, sex has become part of everything where it should not be. It is getting expressed in many ways. He has exemplified this concept with eating. What if our society would say eating is a sin? Our internal being would crave for that and to look good to the society we would not eat for many days. The internal being would push one so far. One would starve. At last, one would turn too much hungry and would eat anything he/she would get. The person would feel depressed for indulging like that. And, the routine would repeat. The person would not be free of eating like that.

If I had to summarize the book in some lines, it would be something like this. Love does not lead us to sex. It’s not just the mechanical phenomenon. Love is not a relationship, it is a state of mind. Sex is like a drop of water in a sea. We are just stuck there. Like crazy. We are craving for that feeling of egolessness and timelessness that we get by sex. But, we don’t know that it is just a drop of water in this sea of superconsciousness. Everybody is trying to go to the sea of superconsciousness. We go towards it and drown somewhere in the middle. So, this book is all about how we can move ahead into the sea forgetting and get stuck around the drop.

I had felt that if I love somebody because of the person but one thing I felt while reading these lines was I love somebody because of me. It does not have to do anything with that person. It was quite a revelation to me. Every person is trying to connect with another. Somebody succeeds and somebody does not. Both the parties get into despair, however. Detachment is not easy as well.

It’s going to be a journey in itself when you read this book. Osho, who is a very well read man, has compared our society’s formation with several philosophies. He has talked about the despair that we live with, how we can be free of these misconceptions regarding sex and reach to super consciousness. That is a place, as Osho says, where we don’t crave to connect with another individual. We get connected to whole universe and happiness becomes a state of being. It sounds so good to be true. A must-read book. You might love it or hate it but it will make you see yourself in many ways.