Road obstruction triggers shortage of commodities in Rukum’s remote hinterlands


RUKUM — The eastern region of the country is in a grip of unwarranted shortage of daily essential commodities due to obstructions along the rural roads in the wake of incessant monsoon downpours.

The Takasera, Kankri, Mahat, Morawanga and Hukum among other far-flung localities of the district are in dire straits.

The roads leading to the remote areas from the district headquarters of Khalanga have been blocked by landslides at multiple locations obstructing the supply of commodities, according to Kankri’s businessman, Govardhan Budha. The supply of essentials has been severed for the past one month.

The locals are facing a shortage of essential commodities as salt, oil, spices, rice grains, and pulses, shared Ramesh Budha, a local of Bhume rural municipality-5.

The shops have run out of stock and in some places prices have soared. The price of a liter of oil has climbed to Rs 23o from Rs 150. The villagers have also been unable to travel due to the obstruction of transportation along the landslide – plagued roads.

They have been complaining that the concerned authorities have turned down their pleas for help. The transport entrepreneurs have themselves taken to clear the roads at places with the presence of a heavy number of passengers, according to Sanibheri Transport Service Committee General Secretary, Bir Bahadur Malla.

District Coordination Committee has said it is impossible to resume transportation along the roads as monsoon-triggered landslides are continuing. Local Development Officer (LDO), Narendra Kumar Rana, said maintenance works have been carried out at some places to resume transportation. RSS