KATHMANDU – Sixteen-year-old rapper and music producer Saksham Shrestha (@origamispark) was astonished to find his YouTube Channel removed suddenly after the release of his new music video ‘Nobody’ on Friday evening.

File Photo: Screenshot of Spark’s music video ‘Nobody’.

“It’s hard to believe that someone reported my YouTube channel and now it’s gone. There was a hate comment before my channel was brought down. I only put out original content”, Saksham told Kathmandu Tribune. He added, “This trend of reporting and bringing channels down is becoming common. This has to stop.”

YouTube on its Community Guidelines has few rules for creators to follow and it is not yet clear as of why Shrestha’s channel ‘Spark’ was removed. The global video social site states that repeated and several violations were reported from the rapper’s channel. The video giant also claims that ‘Spark’ was found involved in a scam and commercially deceptive content. However, Saksham believes that a competitor might have reported his channel negatively since none of the aforementioned allegations are barely even true.

“I had sent a request to YouTube to reinstate my channel, which was replied soon with a very unreasonable denial. I’m working with authorities to find the one(s) responsible for this incident, which will be followed by appropriate legal action,” said Shrestha.

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