sex during pregnancy

What are the sex positions during pregnancy?

You’re pregnant and sex might be the last thing you want to have! Or is it the opposite? Is being pregnant raising your sexual urges but you’re thinking if it’s safe for you and your baby to just do it with your partner? Well, you might have just ended up on the right page as here’s all that you need to know about sex positions during pregnancy.

Is Sex Safe During Pregnancy?

Any sexual activity during pregnancy is completely safe as long as the state of your pregnancy is normal. If you’ve any other complications, it’ better to take suggestions from your gynecologists beforehand. Women face a dry spell during the early stages of pregnancy due to hormonal fluctuations, fatigue, nausea and weakness and hence the sexual desire is less.

But most women after the time being reported to have increased level of sexual desire during pregnancy so it’s healthy and safe to be intimate with your partner during pregnancy.

Can Sex Harm The Baby In The Womb?

NO. Although many couples worry that sex might harm the growing baby and even cause a miscarriage, it’s all just a misconception. Miscarriages occur due to abnormal development of the fetus and it’s not at all because of sex. The baby is protected by the strong muscles of the uterus and the layer of amniotic fluid hence, sexual activity won’t affect the baby.

Best and Safe Sex Positions During Pregnancy

Sex whilst pregnant is all about comfort and pleasure for the soon-to-be mother and as long as you’re comfortable almost all sexual positions are safe. However, as the baby bump grows bigger and bigger, it’s difficult to balance your body and weight during sex. Worry not, as we bring you the top five best and safe sex positions you should try with your pregnant partner.

1.  The V Position

Try lying with your partner side by side, your bodies creating a “V” shape. Make your partner hold you on your waist and wedge a pillow below your back to lift up a little. This position helps to take most of the baby weight by your partner.

2. Spooning

Spooning sex is another best position that’ll work like a charm for you and your partner. Lie side by side and cuddle each other. Draw your legs towards your chest, letting your partner penetrate.

3. On Top

Ask your partner to lie flat on the bed and sit on top of your partner. For more stimulation, lean back and use your hands as support. There’s no pressure on belly and uterus using this position. If you lie flat on your back for a long time (missionary position) it shifts pressure from the enlarged uterus to the major blood vessels limiting the blood supply to the fetus.

4. Oral Sex

If you’ve not tried oral sex yet, then this is the time! Unlike regular sex oral sex is more about discovering each other’s sensual spot. It guarantees orgasms, especially to the ladies, all thanks to the spiking blood supply to the labia and vagina during pregnancy. But it’s of prime importance to be careful not to blow air into your vagina, as it might block a blood vessel inside the vagina, causing danger to your and your little baby.

5. Scissors

You can start with lying flat on a comfy bed, both on the opposite side and let your partner penetrate you. This position is suitable for a slow, romantic and sexual sex.

Well, it’s always best to talk to your doctor or gynecologists before you try any of the positions. Keep the passion and hormones flowing during pregnancy!

Facts about Sex during Pregnancy