Six Madheshi parties unite to form Rastriya Janata Party

Rastriya janata Party

KATHMANDU – Six Madheshi parties: Tarai-Madhes Democratic Party, Sadbhawana Party, Tarai-Madhes Sadbhawana Party, Rastriya Madhes Samajbadi Party, Nepal Sadbhawana Party and Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum-Democratic, have agreed to form Rastriya Janata Party on Thursday.

The new party will have a tri-color flag with red depicting revolution, white peace, and green prosperity, the party’s leaders confirmed. The party also has opted for a leadership council and erstwhile leader of Tarai-Madhes Democratic Party Mahantha Thakur will lead the council now. The party has decided to choose ‘umbrella’ as the election symbol.

A meeting of the leaders which started at eight p.m. on Wednesday night and continued till three a.m. on Thursday morning had chosen the name Rastriya Janata Party devoid of the term Madhesh. This move has been appreciated by all Nepalis and political stakeholders.