There are certain rules in society that you aren’t likely to see in your constitution and you’ll less likely find it anywhere else. Yet, everyone expects each other to follow them. Kathmandu Tribune analyzes few of such ‘unwritten social rules’ for the people in Nepal.

Public Transport rules: You should let people out before you enter in a public vehicle such as a bus or a tempo.

School rules: Never remind the teacher to collect/assign homework right before the bell rings.

Punctuality: Don’t be late. Try breaking the ‘Nepali time’ myth.

Rules for taking photos: Don’t stop in the middle of walking to take a picture or get on your phone. Some of the people have actual places to go.

Peeping rules: Don’t peep into the mobile phone of others while they are using it in public.

Hygiene: Cover your coughs.

Smoking rules: If you smoke and others are around you, don’t blow your cigarette smoke in their faces.

Littering: Hold your trash until you can find a bin. Don’t toss it on the ground, in the water, or out of your car window.

Apologizing: When you bump into someone by accident, apologize.

Paying back: Pay people back that you owe money to without them having to ask for it.

Social Media rules: Never leave somebody on ‘seen’.

Sleepover rules: If you go to a sleepover, make sure you fold the sheets.

Perfume rules: Be cautious with the perfume you’re wearing. You might be overusing your perfume and everyone will not definitely like the scent.

Picking up things: If someone drops their books, shopping bags or other stuff, don’t walk away because no one else is stopping to help them. Stop, and help them pick up their things.

Language rules: Whenever you are in a discussion, party or dinner, talk in a language that everyone in the group understands it.

Girlfriend rules: When your Girlfriend says “Okay fine. Go have fun with your friends ”, dig out what she actually meant.

Religion rules: Do not assume everyone is religious.
Omit, if someone assumes you are religious and you are not, be gracious. Let’s say, for example, someone says, “You are in my prayers.” Smile and say thank you.

You can add other unwritten social rules in the comment section.