Stateless people’s plight portrayed in photo exhibition


KATHMANDU — A photo exhibition portraying the plight and pain of the stateless people has opened at Nepal Art Council in the Capital City from today.

National Human Rights Commission chairperson Anupraj Sharma inaugurated the photo exhibition that was organized by the network of people suffering from the state of statelessness.

On the occasion, Chairperson Sharma reminded that the new constitution needs new laws to be formulated within three years from the date of its promulgation to implement the new constitution.

Similarly, Sharma underscored the timely formulation of those laws relating to the citizenship identity card to address the issues pertaining to its eligibility and distribution.

He argued that although constitution has provisions to grant citizenship identity card in the name of mothers, several people were still facing issues while obtaining the card due to lack of effective implementation of the provision and other legal complexities.

Likewise, advocate Meera Dhungana spoke of the need for the State and stakeholders to acknowledge the intensity of the pain of those living without citizenship identity card.

On the occasion, a book summarizing the provisions and verdicts from the Supreme Court on citizenship identity card was made public.

There are altogether 55 photos exhibited in the event where the pictures speak volumes on the agony of the parents and children denied of citizenship identity card in Nepal for various reasons. RSS