Studies on science education imperative: DPM Shrestha


KATHMANDU–Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Education Gopalman Shrestha has said the country can be made prosperous from the development of science and technology.

At a program organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology on the Fifth National Science Day, Shrestha said that priority would be given for the studies of science education from the school level and the effective implementation of a practical curriculum ensured.

Likewise, Minister for Science and Technology Dipak Bohara said that the task of establishment of scientific research center in the provincial structure would be given due importance.

On the occasion, Ministry’s Secretary Dr Sanjay Sharma said that marking the day would be instrumental to make more investments in future by making reviews made so far.

The day was marked with the theme of “Base of Sustainable Development: Science, Technology and Innovation”.

During the event, different personalities were feted for their contributions to the science and technology.

Likewise, birthday of founder of Amrit Science College, Amrit Prasad Pradhan, also falls today itself. RSS