Three fall victim to snakebites within a week in Bardibas downtown


BARDIBAS — At least three persons have died within a week’s time from snake bites here at Bardibas downtown in Mahottari district.

In the period just short of a week on Sunday, three were bitten by snakes in and around the Mukhyachowk area of Bardibas municipality-1.

The latest victim to fall came on Thursday when Rabita Gautam, 19, of Bardibas-1 died of snake bite. Gautam, who was studying at the Bachelor’s level in Janata Multiple Campus, Bardibas, was bitten on Thursday morning by a krait.

On Tuesday, a four-year-old girl child was killed from a snakebite at Aurahiroad of Bardibas-1. On Sunday, Ashish Adhikari, 15, was killed from a snakebite at the same locality.

The bite mark of krait is hard to be detected and the victim feels as if being pricked by an ant. This causes the victim to neglect the seriousness of the bite resulting in the delay in treatment.

The bite of a cobra is however different and more conspicuous with a huge sound in course of the attack. All three victims to fall this week have been found to be bitten by krait.

Meanwhile, Baribas’ social worker and politician, Ambika Prasad Gautam, blames the shortage of anti-snake venom, lack of safe storage of anti venom, lack of necessary equipment and management problems at the Snake Bite Centre in Bardibas for forcing the patients to seek treatment elsewhere at times of emergencies and even causing loss of lives. RSS