Tikathali ghost story

The Tikathali ghost story is going viral in Kathmandu right now. But do you know that ghosts don’t exist? A residential house has been witnessing strange events. These sort of paranormal event is not new. The haunted house is located in Tikathali, Lalitpur.

One of the residents claims that a cup flew and sat on his hand. How is it even possible? It is in a horror movie:

It seems people are really scared and living together because of the ghost. The residents also said the window broke.

Maybe someone walked past the window? 

Do you know why windows break on own? Check out this video: 

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The residents of the Tikathali haunted house also claim that they’ve heard strange sounds. It is a known fact that most houses in Nepal are not insulated, which means, you can hear sounds from other houses, roads and even from within the building.

Here’s how to fix strange noises coming from the house. So the Tikathali ghost story is fake. Either the Tikathali residents are in denial, or they are getting pranked. It is also possible that they might be putting an act. Nonetheless, we recommend you to check out these horror movies to watch tonight.

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