Time to manage persistent organic pollutants: Minister Chaudhary


KATHMANDU — Minister for Population and Environment, Mithila Chaudhary, has said time has come to manage the persistent organic pollutants.

Releasing a revised national implementation plan prepared for the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants at the Ministry Thursday, Minister Chaudhary said the Convention was important to ensure citizen’s rights to live in a salubrious and healthy environment.

A separate law was needed to discourage the lethal chemical which is a persistent organic pollutant.

The book includes various information including keeping the record of import of chemical, types of enterprises which use chemicals and their effects, legal mention of the chemical management.

Ministry Secretary Dr Bishwonath Oli said it was quite challenging to manage the lethal chemicals. Government has aimed at implementing the work plan in five years.

Project coordinator Dr Bhupendra Devkota pointed out the need of controlling the import of pesticides which not only pollutes environment but is also deleterious to human health. RSS