To the face of a valley

To the face of a valley

To the face of a valley

As I reach, to the wide valley,
Where concrete is replacing the green.
Engines are swallowing its peace,
Moreover, smoke it eating its health.
Rivers are narrowed to the Brooks,
Where urban smell is killing its resistance.
People have forgotten the values.

Pretension is seen,
In every corner of the city.
As I visit the temples and shrines,
They were questioning about the belief.
In this city of dream generated hunger,
I can not prolong my voyage.
To examine this valley, where
People are haunted by dreams.
And I know at last:
Dry river bed is waiting for the rain,
To regain its lost existence.

An abstract summary of a life

His equivocation is,
Asking for a complex thought.
Whose, flight of fancy
And exuberant words,
Are demanding to fathom;
Some inner tides.

Iron to the rust it turns,
Flesh it, to the clay it burns,
Things are to discontinue one day,
For the long and cold rest:
Of endless sleep.

To raise back,
Into life again
His course of a creator
Deserving something?
To bind a life to a life,
But as a misfit in the doldrums,
He finds a person
To be: I.

Luster of his eyes now
Flicker away.
And his comfort says:
Had my devotion in return paid?


Like a bat out of hell,
Thoughts are into the mind.
Rushing like an overflowing stream.
Where, the way that I lead,
Never had they believed it;

Give me the light
To endure the grief
That I can charge, to flash out.
Knowledge to unfold,
From the height
Of the sun.

In losing,
The height of
That divine grace,
How can they envision the world?
When something curious,
Begins in the mind.

If I am
A blind Tiresias,
Unfolding the destiny next,
In the days to come.
Would you be happy as a Hamlet?
When wisdom propounds
Another’s dexterity
Bringing into an evil.

Did not that,
Riddle of Sphinx,
Fail not you Oedipus?
Unfolding the conviction:
When your trial back to kingdom,
Guilty of a murder even,
The guard that let go
As a Theban king’s
Indemnity of fate.

Happy am I?
To know this.

Hem Raj Bastola