Top 7 Things Single People Can Do On Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day can be quite overwhelming and “lame” if you don’t have a partner or even a date! But this is not the worst part yet. Spending the day all alone while your friends are having fun, going on romantic dates, will definitely crack your heart a little bit.

But honestly, Valentine’s Day has lost its originality and people of this generation are forgetting what this day is actually about. This day is to celebrate love and togetherness which is certainly not just with your lover but also with your dearest friends and families! Whether you just got out of a relationship or you’ve never been in a serious relationship, this might even be your last Valentine’s Day where you can actually do what you really love, without any commitments or plans, who knows?

So, all the singles out there, it’s time to gear up, put on your game face and celebrate Valentine’s day like never before. We’ve enlisted top 7 things you can do to make this year’s Valentine’s Day a LEGEN–Wait for it DARY!!

7. Plan A Galentine’s Day!

This is for you ladies and believes us you all have earned this! Nothing is more fun than hanging out with your girlfriends on this day. Plan a trip with your gal-pals not too far, a place from where you can see the entire city. If you’re quite tight on a budget for a trip organize a small party where you can play games, drink and have pillow fights! To make the day more interesting you can do lots of things together like wine tasting or shopping or getting a group tattoo with your squad!

6. Throw An Anti-Valentine Day Party

Being single is by choice or maybe you’re just waiting for the right person, so until then don’t waste your day, especially Valentine’s Day congratulating the couples! Throw an anti-valentines day party in your condo and surround yourself with people who support singlehood! Theme the party with black or anything that doesn’t involve hearts or red.

5. Visit Your Parents

This might be possibly one of the best ways to spend your Valentine’s day. Take a day off to visit your parents and spend time with them at your home. Buy them gifts or even cook for them, express how much you love them for each day we feel younger, our parents are getting older! Don’t miss a chance to make them happy.

4. Break Up Your Friends…(Kidding!) Be a Date Planner!

So what you don’t have a date for yourself, you can arrange a kick-ass date for your friend and be his/her wingman! You can set it up at a coffee shop or in a restaurant but don’t take it to a bar, cause it might not make an impression on the ladies. Buy a first date gift for your friend and who knows, he might even get you a date in the future.

3. Travel Alone

Being a solo traveler helps you enjoy your own company, making you realize that you don’t need anyone to be happy. Take a quick road trip far away from this crowd towards the hills and spend the entire day in nature. You can go on hiking, boating, snorkeling, or take upon any adventure that gets your adrenaline going!

2. Pamper Yourself

Self-love–the topic has been talked about a lot and yet most people don’t realize its importance. When you love yourself, take care of yourself, keep yourself first, you don’t need anyone to validate your existence. Hence, celebrate self-love and pamper yourself. Got to a spa and get a soothing massage. You can also get a make-over, like a chic haircut or buy a nice dress/suit that you always wanted.

1. Watch My Bloody Valentine

Valentine’s Day is basically “A Single Awareness Day” and it’s better to stay home than going out and seeing all the couple that you loathe! Stay in and watch horror Valentine movies instead of cheesy romantic films. My Bloody Valentine tops the list but you can watch other Valentine related horror movies like Hellraiser, Let The Right One in, Bride of Chucky, Bride of Frankenstein and so on.

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