Two including cousin arrested on charge of Bhawesh murder


LAHAN — A Police have arrested two people for their involvement in the killing of Bhawesh Yadav of Kajarnaha Municipality-2, Siraha. They were presented before the media on Sunday.

The dead body of 13-year-old Yadav was found in a nursery on October 22 and his cousin (paternal uncle’s daughter) Priyanka Yadav, 16, is one of the arrestees while the second is Sanjay Saha, 14, of the same locality.

Further investigations into the case are going on, according to Area Police Office, Mirchaiya’s Deputy Superintendent of Police Gajusiddhi Bajracharya.

But, the primary investigations revealed a shocking fact regarding the murder. Bhawesh reportedly caught Priyanka and Sanjay, who is believed to be her boy friend, in a compromising condition while he was send for cattle grazing and told the two that he was reporting their act to their families, DSP Bajracharya said.

Bhawesh had gone missing from his house on October 20 and his body was found from a bush near his house after two days. Priyanka herself reported to her family that she spotted the body of Bhawesh and identified it, head separated from the body, upon seeing his slippers and bracelet.

The two had admitted to committing crime after what they said for being failed to convince Bhawesh not to disclose what he saw between them in secret.

Before killing Bhawesh, the two reportedly persuaded him to follow them to a nursery nearby his house, citing that they had found some firecrackers and a mobile phone set and were sharing firecrackers with him also.

They finally murdered him by attacking with a Khukuri and separated his head from his body. RSS