Utilization of renewable energy stressed for overall development of women and backward communities


KATHMANDU — Participants at an interaction have said that energy for all and sustainable development goals could not be achieved until poor community including women and backward classes get access to technology of renewable energy.

At an interaction organised by Renewable Energy Confederation of Nepal, they stressed the need of utilizing renewable energy technology for overall development of women and impoverished communities.

They also laid emphasis on actively mobilizing concerned bodies, organisations, donor agencies and cooperatives for utilization of donation, financial facilities and management, and marketing of produced goods and services in income-generation activities.

On the occasion, energy expert Dr Indira Shakya, said that although different rules and regulations have addressed the issues of women and energy, awareness programme was necessary to create appropriate environment for development of women and backward communities, as the rule and regulation have not been strictly implemented.

Similarly, chairperson of Sewa Nepal, Kalyani Shah expressed the view that appropriate environment could be created for the upliftment of women of backward community from the unity among entrepreneurs and organizations.

RECON Chairperson Gunaraj Dhakal said that the RECON has been launching different programmes for awareness, encouragement and coordination to promote the renewable energy sector, a crucial element for socio-economic development. RSS