by Sudikshya Poudel

A very short monolog of Katherine aka Hannah Baker–“Hey, It’s Hannah, Hannah Baker” –starts the depicted story of drama-mystery web television sitcom “13 reasons why”. The Netflix series is based on the 2007 novel “Thirteen Reasons Why” by Jay Asher. The live-and-in stereo voice of Hannah Baker initiates chills and continues the adrenaline rush throughout the season. The character ‘Hannah Baker’ delineated by Katherine is a heavy character for high school.

The whole story is based on high school bullying, sexualization, and objectification. But, any group of people who watch the series find themselves rethinking about how they behave with other people. The story is about a girl, who has undergone through a series of demoralization that led her to bleed herself out in a bathtub, ending her life. Each episode plays audio of 7 cassettes; both side of the headset of another main character Clay where Hannah had recorded thirteen reasons why she had to commit suicide; people and their actions behind the gradual degradation of her esteem.

The story portrays simple fun-dos in high school to how jerk can a person be to others when they are self-centered. The story portrays different characters found amongst an average individual. It explains how important it is to have your inner voice being delivered, being heard and being understood.

The story can be disappointing to those who have read the book as depicted story fails to depict details in most of the cases. Further, having a popular figure (Selena Gomez) as an executive producer might have led to a higher expectation. Overall, the series is made for a social cause and have reached the target as planned.