I teach my Son
the difference
between Denmark and Nepal
and inspire him

to be proud of homeland

I teach him

the highest point of this earth
that we have Mt. Everest
but I hide him
that people live there are poor

among the top poor list in this World
and, the Denmark top ranks

the happiness index —

tops the list of the countries

with the best livelihood

and in the prosperity index

I teach my Son

that Nepal is rich in fresh water and other resources
but I do not tell him
still the majority of people

there in Nepal do not have
a good access to safe drinking water.

I teach him —
Nepal is the country

with the highest hydroelectricity potential
but people  still live there

either in darkness or partly distributed electricity

or lit kerosene lamps or pine wood resins.

I still teach him

Nepal is rich in natural resources
and the land of brave Gurkha fighters
and conceal him that Denmark is —

land of Vikings and abundant natural gases.

And, trained by his patriotic father

he goes school with his clear mind

to define his motherland

to friends and teacher

and proudly says,

and prepare assignments

on various topics on Nepal-

I have Mt. Everest, majestic mountain peaks

and glacial rivers
snow leopard, mountain goats,

yaks and yetis
crocodiles, elephants, and rhinoceros
which do not belong

to those poor Danish classmates
when they ask him —

why is he here then?

when he is from such rich

and proud nation?

he just replies:

for clean toilets and safe tap water

in each school days —

without punishments

and walking without big loads of

books and homework.

Bidur Chaulagain