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KATHMANDU TRIBUNE (Registration No. 304/073-74) is Nepal’s National online English daily run by Nepal Tribune Media. It is based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Kathmandu Tribune focuses on pressing forward to contribute significantly towards English journalism in Nepal.

Kathmandu Tribune

tribune: an unofficial defender of the rights of the individual
ˈtrɪbjuːn/  \ ˈtri-ˌbyün , tri-ˈ \

Kathmandu Tribune is independent.
It values truth.
It shuns fake news and loathes yellow journalism.
There’s no place for sensationalism and click-bait journalism.

Kathmandu Tribune believes in the future of digital journalism.
The newsroom aspires to publish investigative stories.
We know data is the future.
We believe technology compliments journalism.

Kathmandu Tribune does not associate with any political party or corporation.
It is not owned by millionaires.
There are no hidden agendas; no hidden strings.
We believe in transparency.

Kathmandu Tribune believes in quality and ethics.
It is customer-focused, reader-focused, journalism-focused and
We aim to create a strong foundation for the future of Nepali journalism.
We are neutral but critical.

Kathmandu Tribune is honest and aspires to give you the truth.
Kathmandu Tribune believes in democracy, human rights, and progressive values.
Kathmandu Tribune believes in press freedom and editorial independence.
Are you with us?

Join us. Support us.
Let’s invest in the future of journalism.

Our Team

Arun Budhathoki is a poet, writer and freelance journalist based in Kathmandu, Nepal. He is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Kathmandu Tribune. He tweets at @arunbudhathoki.

Email: arun@kathmandutribune.com

Cell: 9860809651 — Founding Editor-in-Chief

Manoj Panthi is Project Manager in Advance R&D for Spirit Aerosystems in the United States. He dreams big about the future of media. He tweets at @DreamerManoj


Founding Chief Operating Officer (COO)



Siam Sarower Jamil — Bangladesh

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Tikathali Marg, Mahalaxmi Nagarpalika,

Ward No. 2, Imadol, Lalitpur.