Luana Vjollca
Luana Vjollca is an Albanian personality. Ms. Luana is the charismatic TV presenter, known for her beauty and energy has become an example that hard work pays off. Luana is not only in the most wanted list in TV business as a host and producer, but she is a very popular singer, a model, and a social media queen. Luana has reached over 1.2 million followers on Instagram and her audience grows steadily every day. All seem to be in love with her elegance and simply sexy style. This summer, she is making everyone dance with her two very successful singles, which have reached more than 12 million views on YouTube. All eyes on Luana as she is already running towards her new projects, un-stoppable and happy!

Here are five things you didn’t know about Luana Vjollca:

1) She is a happy workaholic and she wants to be in charge of things- she accepts nothing but perfection! Even her family called her jokingly “little boss”.

2) Luana is a religious spirit and besides working hard she says a little prayer every night before going to sleep.

3) Luana can be bribed with good food — that is a weakness she loves and finds pleasure in it!

4) Luana’s most precious childhood dream was to become a singer and see people dance joyously to her music.
Luana Vjollca

5) Luana wants someday to be able to help all children, she never misses an occasion to be there for them.

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