travel in Kathmandu
File: South Beach flood, kayak in street

Kathmandu is now witnessing a weak Monsoon and yet its streets and roads are over flooded with a gush of waters. Kathmandu Tribune has figured out five solutions to travel in Kathmandu during Monsoon.

  1. Kayaking – It’s a cool sport and why shouldn’t Kathmanduites indulge in it and travel smoothly.
File:South Beach flood, kayak in street

You could buy one in Thamel!

2. Google co-founder Larry Page’s flying car 

Well, if you are rich enough like our Ministers, PMs and Presidents then you can import this awesome car from Amrika!

3. Swimming – this is the most indigenous method to travel in Kathmandu. We know that not many Nepalis are good swimmers but the water level shouldn’t be a worry.

4. Gumboots are our best friends since childhood. Why have we stopped wearing it?

5. Be like Superman. Our commute problem is solved.