Bar Criminals in Nepal Parliament


With the end of the provincial and federal elections, Nepalis are euphoric about the nation moving ahead both economically and politically. The skepticism remains, however, as the Left Alliance has won most seats and now have 2/3 majority in the yet-to-be-formed government.

The decision of the EC to deny election victory certificate to the alleged mastermind of Kailali incident is laudable. The government and EC cannot portray double-faced attitude towards elected parliamentarians and the bill endorsed by the President recently.

Nepal’s democratic future is determined by what liberal policies and laws the government upholds. We are moving forward and shouldn’t look behind by allowing people with a criminal background to hold the parliamentarian position. This is against the spirit of a federal and democratic country. However, the civil war in the past has put the bill per se in question. We can only learn, forgive and move on from the past. We must reconcile. Let’s not regress.