BP’s ideologies capable of changing Nepali society: Sitaula


BANIYANI, JHAPA — Nepali Congress leader Krishna Prasad Sitaula has said a political path pioneered by BP Koirala and his principles are capable of transforming the Nepalese society.

“There is no alternative to following the BP’s path and ideologies to see a better society,” he said this while addressing a programme jointly organised today by the Nepali Congress, Bharatpur Town Committee and Nepal Women Association regional committee on the occasion of the 104th BP’s Jayanti ( birth anniversary). “BP’s national reconciliation policy is still relevant to build a prosperous Nepal.”

Earlier today, leader Sitauala also participated in a fruits distribution and sanitation programme held at the Mechi Zonal Hospital in commemoration of the BP Jayanti. He urged the hospital administration to lay its focus on maintaining clean atmosphere in and around the hospital. RSS