Journalist Sundar pens book on Sankhadhar Sakhwa


KATHMANDU — A book entitled ‘Sankhadhar’ by journalist and litterateur Malla K. Sundar is available in the market.

The fictional book was launched by centenarian Satya Mohan Joshi amid a programme in the Capital held on the occasion of Nepal Sambat New Year 1138. The book is based on autobiography of national figure Sankhadhar Sakhwa.

It features social condition of then Kathmandu, the sacrifice of Sakhwa to free then people from debt, thus starting celebrating Nepal Sambat on that occasion, and facts about lineage of the communities of various languages.

Meanwhile, speaking on the occasion, Joshi stressed the need for translating the book into foreign languages like English and bringing it to the international market so as to expose culture, art and literature of Newar community at international level. RSS