Vote to one that understand our hardship, says voters in Siraha


LAHAN — Voters in Siraha are looking forward to exercise their franchise in the September 18 local level election in favour of those candidates who are pro-development, social workers and understand their hardship.

The voters are making up their mind as aspirants and possible candidates area reaching to the people’s door steps seeking their vote. Leaders of the NC, CPN-UML, CPN-MC, RJP and Federal Socialist Forum Nepal are adopting various ways to convince voters to vote for them.

Tea shops, rest places, paan shops and chowks of the district have now become popular locations for election talks and debates. Many are expressing their support in favour of those who can bring development including health and education and those who have contributed to the society.

They are looking forward to choose those who have remained active in politics and made contribution to the society, rather than those who have become candidates for petty personal interests.

Voters of Siraha, who are longed for peace and development after suffering from to armed conflict and other geographical adversities, said that they would make the capable candidate victorious as they now want development and prosperity.

Pratham Chaudhary of Lahan Municipality-18 said that now voters should think seriously to make only the capable candidate victorious in the election.

He said, “There will be development and good governance in the villages only if we make such candidate, who works for development and knows the pain of people, win the election.”

Similarly, Mahendra Bishwokarma of Mirchaiya Municipality said, “The person who becomes a candidate for some personal interest cannot fulfill the dreams of people. So I will vote to a candidate who has contributed in politics and social service.”

Saburi Sada of Lahan Municipality-19, who is happy for getting opportunity to elect representatives at local-level after 20 years, said that in past election, candidates used to win the election after distributing money to poor voters but time has changed now.

Sada said they will make the candidate victorious in the election who works for the uplift of poor farmers, women, Muslim and Dalit communities.

There are 331,596 voters in the district which has 8 municipalities and nine rural municipalities. RSS