Girish Khatiwada

KATHMANDU — Nepali rapper and vlogger Girish Khatiwada has recently started using a drone to record his inspiring vlogs. He has gone to his hometown–Rangeli, Morang–to celebrate Nepal’s biggest festival Dashain. The drone footage of Rangeli is amazing.

Girish’s vlogs are of next level and an inspiration to many Nepali youths. He captures the everyday life of Nepali people and provides us with images and information that not even Lonely Planet would give us. He is one of the best vloggers right now in Nepal whose video is of high quality and with rich content.

Interestingly, Girish Khatiwada has named his viewers as ‘Gorkhali Bloodz’.

In a short conversation with Girish Khatiwada, he explained that ‘Gorkhali Bloodz’ is a community of positivity, fun-loving, peaceful and a healthy one. The vlogs rarely have negative comments. It’s a relief to watch with family or friends after a hard day work. For adults–whiskey, sekuwa and Girish vlogs are probably one of the best recipes for the festival celebration.