What defines Maturity?

credit: askideas.com

Maturity can be counted at various levels. People have their own various perception, attitude, and belief towards maturity. While one may consider the factor to be age, the other may count qualification and the next may count as experience. There have always been contradictions about such topics.

Maturity can generally be reflected on the feature of the face and the structure of body too. And this is what the most people give the first thought too. But the maturity on face and body is affected by multiple factors, climate, race etc. An Aryan kid may look matured at his early teen but the Mongolian kid looks young even at his thirties. Apart, a hunky guy may act childish personally or professionally, while a lean guy may be strict and firm at his decisions in personal and professional life.

Many times this has always been a factor of conflict or joy in the social environment. And there have always been real struggles in various people’s lives to prove how mature one is in his/her life.

Youths are considered to be the nation builder. But can anyone count how many young people are there at the policy and bureaucracy level in Nepal? While the chances of getting into may be at one side, the least efforts of young people choosing to grab this opportunity are at the other side. Because Ban Ki Moon has said, “Young people are the torch bearers of achieving SDGs”

The recent changes in the constitution of Nepal have opened several doors for young people to exercise various rights and fulfill their obligations accordingly. It hasn’t laid back in discriminating people from other minority groups too. There are several genuine struggling groups of people still vying to lead a happy life in all the difficulties. When is the development happening in the absence of Young People’s participation?

As much as there are problems in rural areas of Nepal, there are various other problems equally in urban areas too. Because people hail from a various part of the country in the developed cities in search of better opportunities. Can anyone address and move to solve these issues? Chhaupadi, Early Marriage, Caste discrimination, Bullying, Gender Based Violence and what not at all levels at all places. Everything has a deep cause and every victim of these have a story to tell to be heard and acted by many.

To cope with the real problems and lead the country towards a prosperous future, the world now has 1.6 billion Youth Power (Young People) Are there anyone of us left behind to be aware to solve them by any means?

Or are we letting the aged population to still lead at the higher level and we keep following the age old traditions, policies and etc. So, one is never too late to start and one is never immature to start the journey. They are ones’ leadership trait and the capacity that defines how they can lead the troop by themselves moving towards the path of progress.

So, at any level age doesn’t alone define maturity or the scars, thick and rust skin, mustache, huge bodies don’t define maturity too. One’s intellect and the expertise in the certain field define maturity. One should let the people speak and act before anyone judge about how s/he looks at his/her first sight.

So, with that let’s come together to join hands for prosperous future and celebrate the power of youth in International Youth Day. The theme for this year is “Youth Building Peace”. There’s a famous proverb from Lord Gautam Buddha, “Peace comes from within, Do not seek it without.” So, this is very peak time for youth as change makers to act wisely for any conflict prevention, rather increase social inclusion, justice, and peace.

“War is never the solution, it is an aggravation”

Benjamin Disraeli

Wish you all a very International Youth Day.