Game of Thrones, Season 7 is topping charts with a whopping 8.7 ratings and while you are hooked watching the nail-biting episodes of this season, Kathmandu Tribune brings you some enthralling facts about Game of Thrones which you should not miss out.

1.       The Iron Throne is quite small in the show than it’s supposed to be:


   In the book, The World of Ice & Fire, the award-winning author George R.R. Martin describes Iron Throne as a big towering Throne that looked quite ugly and asymmetric in the book. It’s originally made up of thousands of swords of defeated enemies, melted or broken, taken from hands of the dead men during the war. In contrast, the show displays the glorious yet classy throne, placed symmetrically.

2.       Accused of crime? How about trial by combat:

     “Trial By Combat” sounds unrealistic and illegal but in the real world too, it may still be legal, in the US and other countries. The show’s one of the leads Tyrion Lannister took a good advantage of this although he smartly managed to avoid fighting himself. The history of such trial dates back in 1818 in Britain but it was made illegal after that. But the history repeated when a 60-year-old Leon Humphreys appealed for the right but it was declined.

3.       Aemon Targaryen, “The Maester” was blind in real life: 

    Portrayed by the late Peter Vaughan, the veteran actor was partially blind while filming the show. He was 84 then and kept acting until 2015 and on December 6, 2016, he died from epilepsy and old age.

4.       The actors were tricked by the writers!!:

    Speaking with BBC Radio, actress Sophie Turner who plays mystical Sansa Stark in the series revealed that the writers used to make fake scripts about their deaths but after three weeks or so they would tell them that it was all joke! Sounds fun, right?

5.        The Show is banned in Turkish military schools:

A number of TV programs including Game of Thornes were banned by Turkish military school in November 2014, the reason behind which was stated to protect the young generation from sexual exploitation, pornography, abuse, harassment, exhibitionism, violence and other aspects that influence negativity. To make matter worse, some of the officers were thrown out of the military academy in Istanbul for permitting the cadets to watch the show.

6. You can now learn DOTHRAKI:

No more subtitles needed as Living Language is officially providing a conversational language course for learning Dothraki. It was crafted by linguist David J. Peterson who made Khal Drogo and Danaeryns speak the mysterious and intriguing Dothraki.

7. You think you have watched all the episodes then think twice!:

There’s an unaired pilot of the show, in which the roles of “Catelyn Stark” and “Daenerys Targaryen” were played by Jennifer Ehle and Tamzin Merchant. But they got replaced respectively by actress Michelle Fairley and Emilia Clarke. The episode never got aired as none of the friends and audience David Benioff understood the plot of Jamie and Cersei Lannister. A big disappointment!

8. Sansa Stark owns a real-life Dire Wolf:

It broke our heart when Ned Stark killed the pet dire wolf, “Lady” in the show. But we have good news for you! Sophie Turner (Sansa) adopted Lady, real name Zunni, the Northern Inuit dog. Her parents fell in love with Zunni and after her role, they adopted her.

9. Most porn stars on the show:

All those steamy sex scenes do require some talent! Therefore, keeping this in mind, the producers and cast members featured a number of porn actresses in the show. In season Four, Jessica Jenson and Samantha Bentley played the role of prostitutes. Also, Australian porn star Aeryn Walker was also cast as one of the vile Craster’s many wives.

10. Most pirated show around the globe:

In conclusion, it’s not shocking that GOT is one of the most popular and the most pirated series in the world. How you might ask as public BitTorrent trackers published a report stating that one episode of the show was downloaded illegally for about 4,280,000 times back in 2012. And since 2015, the piracy of the show has increased by 45% worldwide.

Game of Thrones, Season 7