Five must read Nepali novels


Nepali literature has gone through various eras and Nepali writers have contributed several genres to it. This has resulted in richness in Nepali literature and growing passion among readers. Novel reading & writing has nevertheless been gaining wide popularity with time. For whoever seeking suggestion for a good read, Kathmandu Tribune compiles the five must-read Nepali novels from the past decade:

Palpasa Cafe

Published: 2005
Author: Narayan Wagle
Palpasa Cafe presents the situation and scenarios during the Nepali Civil War along with a romantic love story between an artist-Drishya and Palpasa. A journalist by profession, Wagle, won the prestigious Madan Puraskar for the book and so, Palpasa Cafe happens to be one of the best-selling Nepali books till date.

Karnali Blues

Published: 2010
Author: Buddhi Sagar
Buddhi Sagar, 33, is one of the finest young Novelists of Nepal. One of the highest sellers, Karnali Blues is based on the relationship of a father, who lies dying in a hospital bed, and his son. Blessed with amazing reviews and the Madan Puraskar, Karnali Blues also exhibits the journey of a village boy to a man.

Seto Dharti

Published : 2012
Author: Amar Neupane
Yet another Madan Puraskar winner, Seto Dharti portrays the discrimination Nepali women are having to face. Through a 78-year old character ‘Tara’, a child widow, Neupane depicts Child marriage as the bitter reality of Nepali society.

Antarman ko Yatra

Published : 2007
Author : Jagdish Ghimire
Antarman ko Yatra, based on the theme of self-realization as the title suggests, is one of the best autobiographical books which describes the ups and downs of life. Lt. Jagdish Ghimire, who wrote the book during his days of chemotherapy, is seen as a diverse personality in the book.

Urgen ko Ghoda

Published: 2009
Author: Yug Pathak
 Urgen ko Ghoda is another popular and best selling Novel located on the background of Civil War. Illustrating the less-privileged Tamang community, Yug Pathak, a writer and journalist center his story around Urgen and his Horse.
– Bibidh Subedi