Pillow of problems

my head
rests on,
of problems,
I sleep!


a mother’s irony
Etiolating sprout
under tree canopy
a mother’s irony


a transect
a transect
passing through the village street
beautiful moment

the sand Mandala
who makes it destroys too
monk or monkey

a butterfly in custody

a butterfly in custody
behind two layers of great walls
a tongue of a verbose

season’s beauty contest

the grasses in Monsoon,
and, you with this  green clothes
season’s beauty contest


my logical gate
chemically operates
with  whisky


flame of the forest !
Butea monosperma
just a plant name


long march
short life


Organic suicide

housefly’s  jump
on the spider’s website-
organic suicide

paper cuts 
the transcript
of a leaf blade

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