Open the eyes; sun is perhaps peering from the window
Open the door, some guest might be outside
Afraid not, some divine angel has come to bless you
Why frightened, why trembling?
Why crying, why panicking?
This shake is not like the pendulum of a clock
This is not a cradle, not a swing or a round swing
The trembler here is not a minor thing
The aftershock too does not go to waste
It’s not just like sweating Bhimsen
And also not like falling pinnacle of the Machhindranath

Open the eyes, open the door, but not get frightened and not run away
Here some good angel has come as a guest
Has come to give sweet and pleasing blessings

(Devoted to the 98th birth anniversary of GP Rimal)

Shyam Rimal

(Translated by Tirtha Bhattarai)