Sabin Sitaula

Who can give me some answers?

Who will behold the plight of our nation?/who will give up showing pomp and fashion? When will Nepal get rid of terrible predicament?/when will it head towards rapid development? When will goofy leaders abandon playing foul game?/who will heighten Nepal’s name? Who will wipe the tears of sad?/are our leaders really gone mad?

When it’s dusk, cicada makes a harsh sound/to behold cicada, I roam round and round.


Rose, a beautiful flower with sweet smell/I pluck and keep them in a pail. Rose, also known as ‘the symbol of love’/floriculture is also a nice job. Rose, a macrosmatic flower/as a gift, give it to my sir. In every season, flowers the rose/old grandpa also smells with his nose.

A short poem about “work of some organs”.
Eyes to see
Ears to hear,
Legs to walk
Heart to fear.

Tongue to taste
Nose to smell,
Skin to feel
Mouth to tell.

Teeth to grind
Hands to write,
Legs to walk
Not to fight.