Suraj Bhushal

Suraj Bhushal is a Nepali director known for movies like Hostel Returns (2015), Gatho, Rags Guys, et cetera. He’s the CEO of But-Wall Entertainment. Here’s a brief interview with him.

1. How did you start your directing career?

The passion was all from my childhood. The things that grab me to this directing field was one curiosity in my child age that the reverse shot which was common in 90s Hindi movie. I used to get confused how one can do such stunt. Then later on when I got my +2 certificate I was there in Kathmandu for my engineering career but my passion took me to Mumbai and my filmmaking started from those days.

2. Who’s your inspiration? Have you gone through any training for film-making?

Zhang Yimou. I really love his movies and the movie ‘ROAD HOME’ really made me inspire to join this industry. I studied diploma in Filmmaking in Mumbai, India from Zee Institute of Media Arts (ZIMA).

3. Your experience in making a hit movie like Hostel Returns.

It is always great to be part of a successful movie like Hostel Returns. But the thing is that every movie what you make is a success for you. Hostel Returns was a great experience for me regarding the story and the process through which we (the whole team) went through. The story was kind of my experience which we had in school and college. Then later we did a kind of research to make it more happening and interesting. We met many people relating to engineering background student who stayed in a hostel. They shared their stories and we were ready for Hostel Returns.

4. How do you see the current scenario of Nepali movie industry? What challenges and opportunities do you see?

It is going really good these days with filmmaking and with the box-office collection. Makers are coming from all the way with their experience and study. It will take time to be steady with the films of different genre with the taste of audience which right now we are not experiencing rather than comedy.

5. Your five favorite Nepali and foreign movies.

Saino, Dachina, Road Home, Forest Gump, Innocent Voice.

6. Your favorite director.

Zhang Yimou

7. What can be done to make the Nepali movie industry better?

It will take time. First of all, there should be a film culture in the audience which will make filmmaker improve their way regarding in stories and quality wise. As the filmmaker will be assured of their collection and when this happens then everyone who is involved in this industry will try to make a good movie regarding every aspect.

8. Are you working on any new films?

Right now working on the script which I will start making in the mid of 2018.

9. Your biggest moment in filmmaking career. What would you do differently in coming days?

I love the way I make movies as I get satisfaction seeing audience reaction which makes me energized for the other one to come. I will come up with different stories, make good movies which audience entertain seeing it.

10. Any last words for aspiring Nepali filmmakers.

Just make a movie what audience like.